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Hey, I’m Jed

If you’re looking for someone who delivers excellent writing and knows how to reach readers, you’ve come to the right place

I’m a writer, a ghostwriter, and an editor who helps authors, publishers, agents, and businesses create great content to achieve their goals.​

Why do clients turn to me for help?


For starters, I deliver high-quality work on schedule.

They like my experience, too.

I’ve collaborated on books with bestselling authors.

I’ve also ghostwritten book proposals, articles, speeches, and video scripts for authors, media figures, and CEOs.

During my 25-year career, I have served as senior editor at Penguin Random House and editor in chief of an award-winning independent press.

But I suspect there’s another factor.

Jed Donahue

You deserve a writer or editor with enthusiasm

Let me explain with a quick story.

Do you know Robert Gottlieb? He was a legendary editor, known for his time at Knopf, Simon & Schuster, and the New Yorker. Gottlieb wrote many of his own books, too.​


Gottlieb said something that resonated with me. ​

He said, “I love the editing process. I love it as an editor . . . and I love being edited.”​

But here’s the part that really got me. Gottlieb added that he loves seeing “how you can make something that you believe is good even better.”

That’s exactly what I love doing.

Now look, ​I’m no Robert Gottlieb. (As I said, ​he was a legend.)

But I have helped hundreds of writers, as an editor, a book doctor, and a ghostwriter. 

Leading organizations like T-Mobile, Grammarly, Salesforce, Amazon Business, Pearson, the Museum of Science, Infobase, and Industry Dive also turn to me when they need good writing. 

I think what makes me stand out is my love for the whole process of writing and editing:

I dive headlong into research . . .

I interview clients and subject matter experts at length . . .


I write and rewrite—and deliver clean copy . . .

And when I edit, I bring the enthusiasm to tackle everything from the big picture down to the smallest comma. 

New York Times bestselling author Paul Kengor says, “Jed does absolutely everything in the editing process, from finessing minor details and fact checking and copyediting to overhauling the content with major structural changes and deletions of text that (even when intriguing) simply had to go.”

Another New York Times bestselling author, movie critic and radio host Michael Medved, said that he and I “spent long hours—days, really—in conference calls going over every line, every word.”

How I can help you 

I started Jed Donahue Editorial in 2021 after 13 years as Vice President of Content and Marketing at a nationally known educational nonprofit.

That experience proved invaluable. It honed my understanding of how to know and serve your audience.

But more and more it took me away from what I love doing most: editing and writing.

So that’s what I focus on now. And that’s where I can help you.

Please reach out if you need a writer, a collaborator, or an editor. I’d love to get to work for you.

What you can expect from me

“Jed is the best editor I know."

Lawrence W. Reed, author of Real Heroes

“I am grateful for Jed’s enthusiasm and brilliant guidance.”

Ronald Kessler, New York Times bestselling author

“Jed is an editorial genius.”

—Harry Veryserauthor of It Didn’t Have to Be This Way

My copywriting is stronger and I have a deeper awareness of audience thanks to Jed. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do it.”

Joe Cunningham, owner of

“I’ve never received stronger support or assistance from an editor.”

Michael Medved, New York Times bestselling author

“Jed has an unerring ability to see the goal we are trying to reach and leading me to it. He is a gifted editor.”

Bevin Alexander, military historian

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